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Same quality of work ... at a fraction of the cost.

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Same Quality of Work ... at a Fraction of the Cost.

Virtual Assistants
A Virtual Assistant is an administrative and/or technical assistant who works at a remote location to support you in achieving your business (and personal) objectives.
Customer Service
Customer service & support can be one of the most labor intensive and time consuming tasks of any business. From answering phone calls, to responding to emails, to fielding technical queries, to generally & proactively ensuring customer satisfaction, the process can take its toll on your bottom line. No wonder customer service outsourcing has become so widespread!
Real Estate Virtual Assistants
We are Providing uniquely trained Real Estate Virtual Assistants. That’s because our company’s Co-Founder, is also a real estate investor in the American Mid-West, primarily investing in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.
Business Process Outsourcing
While most clients of Us require one or two Virtual Assistants working a maximum of 160 – 320 hours per month, some businesses are looking for a more thorough and full-time solution.
Marketing Services
We recognize that one of the biggest challenges for small businesses is the never-ending task of generating leads and attracting new clients. That’s why we’ve developed a specialized department of trained Virtual Assistants focused on doing just that!
Telemarketing Services
For any business, there are an array of Pro’s and Con’s to outsourced telemarketing services and lead generation tasks. We are providing outbound telemarketing services as well as inbound call center support at the same hourly rates of all our other Virtual Staffing solutions.
Social Media
It’s no surprise that as sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Youtube, Twitter, and Pinterest have all risen into the top 20 for web traffic in the United States, their role in successful businesses has become paramount.
Depending on where you get your stats, somewhere between 76% – 93% of all online experiences begin at a search engine. That means if your business is not appearing prominently in search results where your clients are already searching for you, you’re losing out on a significant source of warm inbound traffic.

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